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This course is for any guitarist, player or not, 6 or 12 strings, regardless of the level and style, and, depending on the desired orientation, discuss the following topics: :
- Work on the sound, touch, interpretation, musicality
- Improvisation, a state of being that tames and transforms us ...
- The concept of fashion in traditional music
- An approach to the style of play Michael Gentils
- The technique of picking on the guitar 6 strings
- Techniques for 12-string guitar played fingerstyle
- The bottleneck
- The e.bow
- Partial capos

Individual and group lessons, 3 hours. morning, 3 h. afternoon


Time to choose: from one to four days
50 euros per day per trainee


Michel Gentils : Training 12-string guitar

Acquire and / or develop specific technical bases of the 12-string guitar :

The twelve-string guitar is not played as a six-string.

For those who have dabbled in the arpeggio or "picking" go to "6" to "12" does not really have any technical difficulty, but also requires an understanding of a new logic game where left hand is doing little crossed, favoring instead the strings, more numerous, and where the right hand, with its enhanced by a variety of string role, can participate more in tune. For it is not six but ten strings that are mixed together. Possible combinations of notes then increase dramatically and the instrument reveals his immense potentiel.Ce course is open to guitarists of all styles, beginners or experienced in 12 string players or not, and play with separate fingers the right hand.

Three-hour workshop (individual and group lessons) per half day to discover or re-discover your 12-string guitar. .

To prepare for the course, it is advisable to practice on a twelve-string guitar exercises available on the website here or even better to get the method of twelve-string guitar of Michael Gentile, who is teaching basic training .

Other areas will be addressed, including the six-string guitar: picking and arpeggios, the "bottleneck, the open chords (or" open tunings "and the" e.bow "this magnet that vibrates a rope alone, the partial capo, and also, in more general areas: the concept of fashion in traditional music, tempered and non-tempered music, listening to the sounds fine, a infinity of harmonics in a single-rating, the improvisation.

Upon request, specific compositions Michel GentilS can be worked..

Time to choose: from one to four days
50 euros per day per trainee

Photo : Thierry Boucher - Jean Bernard Fourmy