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Co-directed Moulin du Roc Scène Nationale de Niort, with Sylvain Gauthier in the staging and lighting, and Patrick Devernoix to video and graphics performance

""TENZIN" is the name of a Tibetan friend, Chief dancers "Dhrama School" founded by the Dalai Lama to preserve Tibetan artistic traditions after the Chinese invasion. As artists meet the soul beyond their cultures, it is, among others, a symbol of true globalization: one that works with mutual admiration.



(Image editing and extract Patrick Aujard)


Staging and lighting:

Sylvain Gauthier, Director of Elixir Company




Video and graphics performance :

Patrick Devernoix






Music and performance



Show "Tenzin " :

Technical Description (in french)

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Show "Tenzin " :

Datasheet (in french)

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Here a single musician on stage on a pristine island as a blank page, where each note called movements, shapes and colors, resulting in a spectacular scenic development invading the stage and throughout the room.
Tenzin - A grandir l'image
Tenzin - A grandir l'image
So visiting the continents before taking off to the stars, listening to the music differently: we go to another sensory dimension. A little like going to the cinema of the photo, and to sometimes wonder if this is the stage where many room full levitating ...
Tenzin - A grandir l'image
Tenzin - A grandir l'image
Video, decor, lighting, graphics performance ... The company Elixir showcases many techniques of performing arts in the service of music extraordinary, but quite recognizable.
Tenzin - A grandir l'image
Tenzin - A grandir l'image


"The unclassifiable music Michel NICE will take you on a journey into a poetic world of sound, changing climates, streaked with breathtaking improvisations, the discovery of an instrument that we thought we knew:. The twelve-string guitar"

Jean-Pierre Favino, luthier



Michel Gentils performs his compositions:


Six and twelve-string guitars, Veena guitar
Jew's harps (Hungary, India)
Isoka (Inca's flute)
Fujura (Harmonic flute from Slovakia)