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"The music of this unclassifiable musician with a very engaging personality, will take you on a journey into a poetic world of sound, changing climates, streaked with breathtaking improvisations, the discovery of an instrument that we thought we knew: the guitar twelve strings.."

Jean-Pierre Favino, luthier

«I'm astonished to be the first to tell you about such a great musician...»

Marcel Dadi, Guitare Planète. 1996. France

« An artist possessed by his own interior melody is a rare and precious thing »

les Cahiers de la Guitare. 1995. France

« Solo and acoustic, an artist at work! »

Martin Hudson, The journal of the Classic Rock Society. 2002. G.B

« Michel Gentils, one of those ace acoustic guitarists, is certainly of the multi-stylistic level of Michael Hedges and many Windham Hill acolytes »

Jeff Melton, Expose. 2002. USA.

« Michel Gentils, il 'Mago' della dodici cordes. »

Guitar Club, 1996. Italie

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"Il sait faire résonner la corde la plus tenue, la plus sensible, invisible, celle qui relie un artiste à son auditoire et fait vibrer les âmes".

Valérie Folco, Guitare Classique. 2009. France