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Extracts of the DVD of the method of 12-string guitar
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Twelve-string guitar's marvellous tone has fascinated and attracted generations of musicians. But such a guitar provides potentiality that is less known, just as remarkable and even spectacular. Four of its six additional strings are tuned the octave of the ones they double (the two other ones are duplicates). When used as proper strings, the ten strings offer a wider range of possible combinations. The instrument reaches then its full dimension.


150 pages, 200 exercises in music theory and tablatures, 1/3 on the DVD, the rest in audio. You can command it by paypal this below:


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Beyond the field it opens, this way of approaching the twelve-string guitar may win over those who find it tiring and are ready to give it up. Playing the twelve-string guitar is physically demanding only if you play it the way you would play a six-string one (that makes demand on your left hand). As soon as you conform to its own logic, the instrument becomes accessible.

The goad of this method is to incite guitar players to approach this guitar -- that is at the same time familiar and little known -- in a different way. This method is intended for musicians of all levels and of all styles who have already approached arpeggio or picking techniques.



Because playing the twelve-string guitar is different from playing a six-string one
This is a project that has been close to my heart and that I've carried out for several years. This method is the result of my reseach on twelve-string guitar technique.
Shifting from 6 to 12 strings involves no particular difficulty, but requires an understanding of a logic that is specific to the playing. Whatever your style of music, this method which is based on a couple of theoritical principles concerning the way the instrument works, will allow you to fully exploit the great potential of the twelve-string guitar and to take advantage of the broad range of technical possibilities it offers - and all this while keeping the quality of playing.
-135 pages of explanations and exercises written in music theory and tablature,
A containing DVD :
  About sixty exercises
  pieces of application
  and extracts of concerts
More than hundred of the other exercises in audio downloadable free of charge by internet in the purchase of the method
Some photos extracted from the DVD

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